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100% VG Vegetable Glycerin eLiquid by bottle for electronic cigarettes  Virgin Vapor eLiquid is also called smoke juice or ejuice and is used for ecigs, ecigarette and vaporizers

Providing eLiquid Smoke eJuice oil with Child Proof Safety Caps Since 2009


The Myth

We pride ourselves on information as much as great product and we would like to point out a common ecig myth. In the last two years 100% VG has gained popularity over the Hybrid Versions that include PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).


After speaking with many customers we think we now understand why, users assume VG is better, simply due to the word "Vegetable". This leads to self assurance that it's better for them. Currently to the best of our knowledge there is no specific studies focusing on the effects of inhaling a 100% sugar based (glycerin) vegetable substance and long term use is unknown.

We are not saying that VG is not good for you but rather pointing out there is no hard data to conflict or confirm. For example recent studies have shown that Corn Fructose might not be healthy for us in large amounts.

Another known issue with 100% VG formula's is heating element failure as the viscosity is much different with a 100% VG formula. If you have used 100% VG formula's and noted your heating element failing in a matter of days the reason is due to the liquids viscosity.

100% VG users have also complained that the 100% VG formula's tend to damage the plastic's in Cleromizers. Hence the more expensive Pyrex Glass Clearomizers are more sought after. When using premium grade hybrid formula's pyrex glass is not needed.

A limited amount of ecig users have had a allergy to PG which commonly causes headaches and other symptoms, the choice for VG is obvious in this case.



The Truth

Several Studies have been performed on inhaling PG in a vapor form and no known long term studies have been performed on inhaling VG in a vapor form.


In 2009 a great deal of research went into designing and producing our original eLiquid line up which is a hybrid including PG and VG. In 2009 the eCig industry was very small and Zee Cigs was one of the original "Made In The USA eLiquid's" which was no easy task to find a USA Manufacturer in 2009. We choose PG/VG as the majority base liquid due to the overwhelming scientific data available on the effects of PG when inhaled in a vapor form.


These studies date back as far as the 1940's and were conducted in the USA. Since that time several other studies were performed and they all concluded that during the study inhaling PG in a vapor form had no harmful effects. We would like to see specific studies regarding ecig usage using both PG and VG formulas which we are sure will be available in the future.


Always remember what the true comparison should be traditional tobacco cigarettes vs electronic cigarettes. And a point we want to strongly point out is the myth of PG and car antifreeze, anyone making such a statement is not aware of the facts. Water is also found as an ingredient in antifreeze, the PG and antifreeze misrepresentation has been used as a damaging myth for ecigs in general by non supporters of all eCig products.


Another common PG misconception that has appeared over the years is that first time users will unknowingly buy a low quality ecig containing low quality china made eCig smoke juice. The most common complaint with these products is throat irritation and sinus issues. This is usually due to low quality ingredients and in many cases a lesser known and much more inexpensive base liquid called Diethelene Glycol which is known to be harmful and commonly used by china ecigarette manufacturers. Due to this low grade liquid many users will consider it a allergic reaction, commonly PG allergic reactions result in headaches.




PG vs VG

If you would like to know what the difference is between PG and VG then look no further, here is a bare bones breakdown.

PG provides a powerful throat sensation (throat hit), retains flavoring well but produces minimal vapor output.

VG mellows the throat sensation and can greatly decrease flavoring however it provides plumes of vapor.

You might ask, well just add more flavoring to VG. A good comparison to this idea is putting salt on a steak. At a certain point all you will taste is salt, the same goes for flavoring liquid.

Recently some smaller eLiquid Makers have been melting down candy and using other technique's such as snow cone flavoring concentrate to boost the flavor of the liquid. It is known that sugars are terrible for heating elements as they from a crust around the element and do cause premature failure. More importantly no known research has been done regarding this technique.

This is why we choose a hybrid formula which is 50%PG and 50%VG, one that balanced all three key elements of eLiquid which are flavor, throat sensation and vapor output. We use high grade USP water based flavoring and no oil's (except for Clove Flavor)

Please note a common known atomizer issue regarding VG. The 100% VG liquid is much thicker than PG and causes any Atomizer, Clearomizer and / or Cartomizer to work harder to convert the liquid into vapor. If you use 100% VG formula's keep in mind that atomizer life can decrease by 75% or greater over PG/VG liquid.




Our Conclusion

Whether you use PG, VG or a Hybrid formula we wanted to provide you knowledge regarding these variations that you can research and consider.


Many misinformed eCig users will point out the possible effects that some users experience such as an allergic reaction to PG and this information is true. Keep in mind PG is in thousands and thousands of products so it has allot of data to debate the pro's vs con's. With VG the product has not been used to the extent of PG so the data available is much more limited. These are the reasons we chose PG in our Original Line over a 100% VG formula, we simply went with the facts.





Lets Talk About 100% Organic

Is it 100% organic or snake oil? In closing on the subject of eLiquid's we wanted to point out if not warn the ecig community regarding 100% certified organic eliquid's offered for purchase.


Recently a handful of retailers have advertised 100% certified organic smoke juices and ecig oils for electronic cigarettes. This prompted our customers to contact us and request a similar product. We currently use the purest ingredients and as many natural products as possible, we use a minimal amount of imitation flavoring as it keeps the natural flavoring from separating and the other ingredients we use are all USP grade, but what if we could also provide a 100% Certified Organic Smoke Juice Line of eLiquid.


We have, and are still researching the possibility of an organic eLiquid knowing it would be offered at a higher price point due to ingredient costs. So far we have encountered major hurtles which includes very short shelf life and difficulties with flavoring separating due to the absence of imitation flavoring.


Sometimes to fresh can be an issue, for example most of us love milk but you would not drink a bottle that has been shipped via an un refrigerated shipper that took several days to get to your door, and even getting your milk locally you would not leave that milk in your pocket for days and assume it is still safe to consume. Fortunately eLiquid is not a dairy product but it is susceptible to spoilage and this is a issue without minimal preventative (artificial) ingredients included.


Here is what to watch out for when purchasing 100 Percent Certified Organic eJuice, Smoke Juice, eLiquid for your ecig. If the retailer advertises 100% Organic but offers the eLiquid in both PG and VG formula's you should be aware that this is not a 100% organic formula and you should tread lightly with buying anything from the retailer and here is why.

PG (Propylene Glycol) is a chemical, there is no known way to change a chemical into an organic if no natural organic compound exists.





United States of America15 ml Bottle Size with Child Resistant Cap

All eLiquid orders will be shipped within 24 hours via USPS Priority Mail (Monday through Friday except holidays)

Providing eLiquid Smoke eJuice oil with Child Proof Safety Caps Since 2009
Hybrid Zee Cigs original eLiquid Formula Tobacco Flavors of ecigs smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless cigarettes and made in the USA
Zee Cigs original eLiquid Formula NON-Tobacco Flavors of ecigs smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless cigarettes and made in the USA
Zee Cigs  eLiquid Sugarfree Formula   Flavors of ecigs smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless ecigarettes and ecigars made in the USA
ZeeCigs e-Liquid Formula featuring Tobacco Flavors of ecigs smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless cigarettes and made in the USA
ZeeCigs hybrid e-Liquid Formula NON-Tobacco Flavors of ecig smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless cigarettes and made in the United States
ZeeCigs  smokejuice  eLiquid Sugarfree Formula   Flavors of ecigs smoke juice that is offered like eJuice for smokeless ecigarettes and ecigars made in the USA
Providing eLiquid Smoke eJuice oil with Child Proof Safety Caps Since 2009




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WARNING: Electronic Cigarette's contains nicotine, a poisonous and addictive substance. Electronic Cigarette products and accessories are only intended for committed smokers of legal smoking age and not by non-smokers, children, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. If you experience any side effects or possible side effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician. Product may be poisonous if orally ingested. Electronic Cigarette’s are not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested or guaranteed as such.

This product should be viewed as a recreational product and / or a modified risk tobacco product and has not been approved by the FDA

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